Amy Madge

Biotic Charms

Amy Madge makes jewellery, keepsakes and mementoes. In this exhibition 'Biotic Charms' she has used copper, enamel and glass to produce a collection of tactile treasures reminiscent of artefacts in a museum. The rich history of adornment and our connections to it is her starting point and her methodology is an intuitive process, where geometric and organic forms begin to emerge in sketches and subconcious mark making through which ideas can take seed. She uses materials that offer theĀ  qualities of both delicacy and strength, utilising their inherent natural beauties. The possibility of creating something precious you can choose to wear and show, or keep hidden and secret fascinates her. The forms taken in this exhibition are informed by research into cellular structure and the order in apparent chaos. These in turn are inspired by found objects, flora and fauna, and responses to memorable moments in daily life.This body of work is very personal to her andĀ  is about family, illness and healing.